The Nordic Diet

Eating ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to be a chore. Fresh, seasonal ingredients and traditional recipes mean that your authentic Nordic experience is always delicious and never a sin!

The ‘Nordic Diet’ is our delicious, homemade, bespoke lunch service, designed with the busy, health conscious professional in mind. We offer a variety of plans to suit all budgets, schedules and goals.

Our Nordic Diet can be enjoyed as part of a work out regime or simply as a delicious alternative to high fat, high salt fast food.

Prepared Lunches

Our Lunch Menus are available online 1 week in advance and can be customised to suit any dietary requirement.

We offer free delivery within the Cardiff area and all meals arrive freshly prepared and chilled in recyclable containers. Healthy snacks are also available including smoothies and juices.

Nordic Catering can provide a simple and delicious solution to finding lunch. Plan your week ahead with us. Sleep, work, play, exercise and eat.

lunch in a box